What’s in the cloud for Legal?

For small and medium-sized firms, ITelligent’s cloud services can help you compete more effectively in the iGeneration. Clients increasingly expect services and resources online because they have become used to instant access with smartphones and tablet technology. ITelligent can also help extend your availability and services, creating a “virtual law firm,” complete with secure portals, data archiving, disaster recovery and industry-beating uptime. Depending on what your services are, you could find a much larger client pool through internet marketing.

Provide Better Client Services

ITelligent’s cloud can help you offer “instant gratification” tools for clients and potential clients: calculators, forms, simple wizards. These applications are open 24 hours a day, and demonstrate both expertise and service orientation. What if you could easily offer access to documents or services via an iPad or smartphone? Streamline communications, billing, consulting and client perception of service with portal tools. Your client will appreciate and develop a preference for working with a firm that can provide fast response, available resources and convenient and secure communications and financial relationship.

Lower Costs and Better Administration

A firm that embraces the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) concept can lower costs and streamline administration. Consider the cost of implementing a full Office license, maintaining email servers, paying staff to administer file servers, email servers, anti-virus regimes, file backups and archiving, and more. The cloud can provide all these services in one package, and adding services and features can be instant and invisible to the firm’s workflow. The availability of applications and documents to legal staff – anywhere, anytime – can enhance productivity, as well as allowing collaboration environments with clients (document sharing, telephony, video conferencing and more).